Educational Courses

Custom Tooth Preperation


Part One: Lecture

Understanding proper tooth position from an occlusal and aesthetic interpretation is essential in creating “Custom Tooth Preparation”. Once you have established the proper occlusion and VDO you and your laboratory will utilize the Restorative Space Management method on all types of spatially compromised cases and create a minimally invasive prep design for each case. 

Class will include

  • Understanding Restorative Space Management and clinical classifications
  • How to create precise tooth preparation
  • What preparation is best for varying materials
  • Understanding and incorporating
    • Biological and structural parameters
    • Occlusal factors
    • Create a prep design for varying RSM types
    • How to create a putty matrix and use it affectively during tooth preparation

Part Two: Hands-On

Clinical execution of “Custom Tooth Preparation” is obviously one of the most important steps in creating aesthetic dentistry. We will demonstrate on a patient how to utilize and implement all the information from previous classes to create this preparation.

 Class will include

  • Tooth preparation on patient
  • Demonstration and  practical use of a  putty matrix when preparing teeth
  • Participants will create, alter and reshape provisionals to achieve a highly aesthetic and functional temporary



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