Profitable Techniques: Capitalize in the Removable Implant Market Workshop

Triad Dental Studio - 707 SunshineWay, Greensboro, NC 27409

Profitable Techniques: Capitalize in the Removable Implant Market Workshop

Don’t cater to economy work and low profit margins. Learn how to grow and capitalize in the removable implant market by joining Dennis Urban, CDT for a learning experience that will focus on the details on both the technical and business side of implants.

Build your confidence in this workshop and learn the most profitable techniques including the All-on-4® treatment concept, All-on-6™, overdentures and case planning methods. Techniques will be taught that no one else is using on waxing, processing and finishing from an expert with proven success. Not only will you learn the details of proven techniques utilizing the best materials on the market, but you will also learn how to grow your business.

See why the details matter and how it will lead to greater satisfaction for you, your doctors and your patients, while increasing profitability.

Workshop objectives will focus on the details – from clinical impressions to the delivery of esthetic removable prosthetics:

  • Provide guidance of proper tooth arrangement techniques for specific patient needs
  • Selection of size, shape, and texture of denture teeth specific to treatment plan
  • Awareness of different case classifications and appropriate handling of each
  • Proper case planning and how to prevent and/or correct common set-up mistakes
  • Waxing and finishing techniques to naturally characterize a finished denture
  • Protocol and procedure on implant overdentures, hybrid cases and all-on-4 and all-on-6 conversions
  • Microwave techniques with diamond D high impact denture base material

Participants will need to bring their own waxing instruments and all other personal rotary tools.

Each student will be provided articulated working models on a KaVo® articulator along with the necessary denture teeth and wax.

Dennis Urban CDT has worked in the dental technology field for over 35 years. He owned and operated a full service lab on Long Island, New York for many years. He has lectured worldwide since 1985 on many areas of dental technology, including denture set ups, lingualized occlusion, denture processing, implant overdentures, occlusion, soft liners, infection control, and porcelain staining.

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