Education Course

Aesthetic Evaluation & Functional Diagnosis

(Two Part Hands-On)

 Aesthetic dentistry starts with your aesthetic vision!  How to identify, create and protect a beautiful smile are essential steps to aesthetic dentistry and the longevity of the restoration. Crafting a comprehensive evaluation plan and mounting models on a semi-adjustable articulator are a must before your laboratory partner can begin to identify and build your “vision”.

Part 1 will include

Aesthetic evaluation

  • Facial analysis
  • Dental/facial analysis
  • Dental analysis
  • Aesthetic disharmonies
  • Gingival aesthetic analysis    

Occlusal evaluation

  •  Understanding VDO and when to implement it 


Creating the direction and architecture of any rehabilitation case, and effectively communicating those ideas with your laboratory partner, is crucial to its success. This process will demonstrate to the clinician how to create the blueprint for these cases.


 Part two


  • Participants will evaluate a case (to be provided) and complete the evaluation form
  • Demonstration of how to create a diagnostic wax-up
  • Participants will begin and later complete a diagnostic wax up


Educational Curriculum