Understanding Fixed and Removable Prosthetics to Improve Fit, Form and Function

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Understanding Fixed and Removable Prosthetics to Improve Fit, Form and Function

Look no further if you are looking to attend a workshop to increase your depth of knowledge and guide you through the handling of fixed / removable dentures. With the increase of implant driven fixed and removable dentures you will most likely be asked to treatment plan and fabricate different styles of dentures and a solid of theory of design is a must have to excel in today’s competitive dental market.

In this program you will learn to diagnose denture cases including the number of implants and positions relative to ridge and to each other to help guide you through an implant denture design. Explore various overdenture attachments, bar styles, fixed or removable denture types, flanged or butted and other aspects of fixed and removable denture styles. During this program you will also have an opportunity to set-up a full upper and lower denture using denture teeth that are best suited for high impact loads often applied to implant dentures. You will be walked through the various steps necessary to produce a successful implant fixed or removable denture that addresses fit, form, and function.

Course objectives:
• Understand proper treatment planning of implant denture prosthetics
• Review of the differences between implant supported and tissue supported dentures
• How to use overdenture attachments and bar designs work for the right purpose
• Learn proper tooth arrangements and occlusal schemes fitted for implant dentures
• Methods of waxing and festooning for esthetics and to minimize finishing time

Participants will need to bring their own personal waxing instruments (limited wax instruments will be available at the workshop), and any other preferred personal rotary instruments.

Articulated models, wax, denture teeth, and other accessories will be supplied at the workshop.

Dennis Urban CDT has worked in the dental technology field for over 35 years. He owned and operated a full service lab on Long Island, New York for many years. He has lectured worldwide since 1985 on many areas of dental technology, including denture set ups, lingualized occlusion, denture processing, implant overdentures, occlusion, soft liners, infection control, and porcelain staining. 

His technical articles have been published numerous times in many dental publications in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Dennis Urban has been Vice President of both the Long Island Dental Laboratory Association and the Dental Laboratory Association of the State of New York. He was a Cal Lab board member and a delegate for the NADL.

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